Welcome to Pegasus Hospital

Opening Hours : 24 x 7 emergency care
  Contact : 0132 276 4777


At the Department of Neurosurgery, patients are our primary focus. To bring you the full spectrum of care, we treat a variety of brain, skull, spine and nerve conditions. And thanks to our department's strong focus on research and education, we remain well informed of the latest neuroscience advances, techniques, and technologies available for patients.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide patients with state of the art neurosurgical care in a setting respectful of their needs.
  2. To engage in quality research endeavors that lead to innovative therapies and treatments, which may ultimately translate to improved patient care in the field of neurological surgery.

Treatment offered for various disease conditions includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Advanced management of Trauma with Head injury
  2. Manangement of Stroke and CVA's
  3. Endoscopic Neurosurgical procedures (Transnasal Pituitary, Intraventricular Tumors, and Endoscopic Spinal Surgery/ MIS Technique)
  4. Vascular Procedures (Aneurismal Clipping & Avm Excision)
  5. Skull Base Tumor Surgery
  6. Pediatric Cranial Surgeries
  7. Peripheral Nerve Surgeries
  8. Advanced Cranial surgery
  9. Advanced Spinal Surgery
  10. Advanced Management of Spinal Trauma
  11. Stereotactic and Epilepsy Surgery